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Whilst we are still producing elegantly smooth gin. During these difficult times we are concentrating our skills into producing much needed hand sanitiser.

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Rob Murray and Jonathan Yeatman were introduced by a mutual friend as they both worked at separate distilleries. They soon learnt that they shared the same passion for the history and a mutual love of fine spirits. Rob’s family had been involved in the alcohol trade for several generations and it was during a visit to a family member home he made a discovery or it may have been fate that led him to find a 17th century book on distilling. A treasure in itself to look at, but upon inspection Rob was amazed to learn the value of its contents. With great excitement he studied the distilling methods described within and to his surprise they differed greatly from the modern ways of production. Along with Jonathan with his pharmaceutical and distilling background, they honed their choice of botanicals along with an amalgamation of methods. Thus producing their own proprietary recipe which resulted in the perfection of their long-term desire, that of creating the smoothest gin.

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About Rob MurrayManaging Director

Rob’s career spans several different sectors of industry, during which time he gained a vast knowledge in business, from being a regional director in the banking sector, senior management in the motor industry to being the treasurer and trustee for a charity. However, his passion for spirits has always been undeniable to those who know him. Growing up the in the pub industry he spent his Saturday nights learning from the regulars in his family pub about what the most popular spirits were and the important differences that made one drink superior to another. He developed his own recognition of what was and what was not a top quality spirit. This led to him to researching the techniques and the skills that went in to producing them. More recently Rob decided to return to the alcohol industry to put that knowledge and learning in to practice.

Along with considerable of help from friends, it was time to embrace the old methods and for superb spirits to be Reborn!


About Jonathan YeatmanDirector

After acquiring a higher education in science and engineering. Pursued a career in pharmaceuticals. Jonathan has always retained his keen interest in distilling in the alcohol industry. Taking several courses in this during his spare time where he gained specific hands on experience in the development of flavours and the manufacturing process. In recent years Jonathan decided to work in the alcohol industry and now is fulfilling his ambition of distilling and to develop his own brands. His keen interest has now been, Reborn


About Jamie BentonDirector

Jamie being a very personable individual and having studied public relations, business and advertising at university found a passion for the hospitality industry. He quickly progressed to operations manager which inspired an interest in spirits and decided to further his knowledge within the sector. Later an opportunity arose to develop his skills in project management which gained him vast knowledge in a variety of processes and procedures however he found himself wanting to be back in the hospitality world.

With the encouragement of one of his friends and business partners his love and understanding of fine spirits has been Reborn!


About Bob MaystonMarketing Director

Bob is a Creative Director in the truest sense, having directed world-wide award-winning television and press campaigns and launches for many major products and projects. During the Eighties and Nineties he worked in Africa, America as well as throughout Europe with global clients such as British Airways, Glaxo, Bayer and General Motors. In 1989 he was head hunted for Saatchi and Saatchi for the role of Executive Creative Director to direct the publicity campaign in New Zealand that would bring Jim Bolger and his National Party to power. In 2000 Bob lead Dataworkforce to the #1 spot in the Sunday Times Fastrack 100, picking up the Deloitte and Touche Entrepreneur of the Year award in the process.

Bob, having taken early retirement, we were able to entice him back with the exceptional quality of our gin. You could say, an exceptional marketing talent Reborn.


The four creators of Murray & Yeatman each bring their own individual qualities to the company. Culminating in one unified goal to produce the very best in Classic Spirits by researching and redeveloping lost methods of the world's smoothest gins. Experience it for yourself today, come along to one of our tastings and we are confident that you will enjoy the smooth indulgence that is classic gin, Reborn.


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